Ever see a vocal cord?

We were introduced to a couple ,Vinney and Elaine, through one of my nieces and he has Guilliane’ Barre Syndrome.
He went numb six years ago in twenty four hours and stayed totally paralyzed for sixteen months.
He could only move his eyeballs. Now that is a nightmare.
The thing about these tingles is it hurts to be touched, it’s hard to describe
paralysis and pain but it’s true. He had no way to tell his wife or the nurses to stop touching him and rubbing his arms and legs.
To him it felt like fire.
We took great pleasure from becoming their friends. It felt good to commiserate with a couple who knew our struggle.
He and I found the magic in Zoloft and gin and tonics.
We were going to be fine.
They suggested we see a doctor they had gone to for Vinney’s throat after
having a feeding and breathing tube for so long he had lots of scar tissue and this guy they liked.
They thought he could help with my vocal cord paralysis.
It was now hard to hear me on the phone and impossible to hear me at a restaurant. I sounded like a dying old woman.
He was a Otolaryngologist. He was the doctor recommended by the ENT at Mayo.
We met, he scoped and I said“eeeee” with my tongue in his hand.
Wow, it is uncanny how much vocal cords look like a vagina.
He said he could fix me, I would talk again at normal range.
He would place an implant in between my vocal cords to give the working one something to touch when it moved. It was a very specialized procedure I’d have to be awake for because I have to be able to speak so he knows exactly where to put it.
Awake for yet another neck surgery, what are the odds?
We scheduled for March, three months away.
We worried how I would communicate after surgery. If I couldn’t talk, how would anyone now what I needed. I lost the ability to write a long time back. My mom decided to buy everything I liked than I could just point at what I wanted.
That would work for food but for everything else?

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