Mayo Clinic

I came home too sick to work.
A friend of mine agreed to manage the store and we went straight back to Dr. Stuart.
He literally scratched his head.
He said ” he didn’t have a clue and that I needed to seek a second opinion. “
He suggested Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. You have to apply and be accepted to go there. He said ” not to worry, they love the weird ones” Great.
In the meantime, we went back to the hospital for another “shock the monkey” test and a second try at Plasmapheresis.
This time I stayed home afterwards.
A big group of friends starting picking days and bringing lunch.
It made my days so much more tolerable and gave Michael a much needed break. He was now doing all the laundry, grocery shopping, making all the meals and snacks, walking both dogs and was having to dress me everyday. I could no longer wash or comb my hair, use tweezers or floss my teeth. I couldn’t wear pants too tight because I couldn’t pull them up. I couldn’t hold a tampon or an ink pen. Sandwiches and hamburgers became a thing of the past. So did cutting my own food. I needed Michael in a way I could have never imagined.

My long time friend, Lindy has a pool. She wasn’t working when I started getting sick so she would come get me and take me to her house to swim. Getting me in the pool was a challenge but not as hard as getting me out.
More than once her Gardener had to help.
I just didn’t have the strength and my ankles just wouldn’t hold.
Her devotion never waned. She stayed over when Michael had to travel. Brought groceries, cooked meals, cleaned out cabinets, helped me shower, anything I needed, she did.
It’s nice to have a friend like that anytime, but now-she is priceless.

We got our acceptance letter from the Mayo Clinic.
My appointment was for November 1st.
Three months away.
I worried that time would drag.
I worried that we would not get there, that something would happen.
I worried about what to do with my days.
The IVIG infusions I had previously had at the hospital would now take place at home.
Every week they sent a nurse to me and I could watch movies, have company, be at home.
His name was Todde Bliss and he was very funny. He was South Korean but looked a lot like Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. He even wore glasses and was clumsy and goofy and we laughed a lot and became very good friends. I saw him every Monday and every Wednesday and Friday I did physical and occupational therapy.
During this time I was placed on everyone’s prayer list I knew.
A Native American shaman, named Vision Bear came to my house with my mother and did a ritual and prayer. He burned sage and used a feather and a turtle shell to cover us with the smoke and protection of Spirit.
It was hauntingly beautiful.
A good friend of mines mom is a Buddhist and she sent a carving that had been blessed by the monks. I also had a visit from a Russian rabbi who moved here during the Russian/Afghanistan war. He brought his dads Torah and said a long, very beautiful prayer as well.
I guess we were as covered as we could be.
And just like that it was Halloween and time to fly to Minnesota.

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