The End of the Dominican Decision

We never made it to Juan’s mothers’ for lunch.
And the stones that Michael had found, all broke when we got them home and tried to make a bracelet.
I see that color blue a lot of places. I always think about that van.
The day the heat made me so much worse.
How could we be so careless?
How could we be so clueless?
It never occurred to us the struggles we would face and how challenging every little thing was going to be.
But we did become more of a couple on this trip.
Michael showed empathy and a kindness I hadn’t seen before.
I relied on him like I never had before.
The more I needed, the more he gave.
No questions, no complaints.
He didn’t seem fearful. He seemed strong.
He says “This illness has given him the second chance to be the man he always wanted to be.”
And I could tell I was getting sicker, fast.

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