Down the Rabbit Hole

By the time the holidays came I was going at an inhuman pace. No brakes going way too fast. When you add forty-two people to your life, your social calendar really fills up. These people were politically and socially active and I had many invitations that were way too fun to pass up.
My husband referred to me as “Go Go Jenny”
I had two speeds, fast forward and stop.
So when the holidays were over and I had had a week at home I was surprised to wake up sick.
The headache was so bad, so sudden I threw up breakfast.
I felt worse for two days straight, no relief.
I went to a “doc in the box” on my way from the store and was told it was high blood pressure.
No kidding, I’m in pain and I waited two hours! I was sent home with pain pills.
No relief.
I thought it might be eyestrain, saw an ophthalmologist.
No relief.
Saw a chiropractor, no relief.
I went to a doctor my husband had seen and liked.
He ordered an EKG and sent me home with more pain pills.
I fainted, three times in one night.
The next night I spent in the emergency room and was admitted.
At stroke level and still no relief. My fingers and toes were going numb.
This could not be good.
I had a cat scan, another EKG, an EEG and loads of blood work.
It had been over three weeks since the headache started.
I came home the next day, still no diagnosis.
I called my gynecologist thinking it could be a hormone migraine. I saw him three weeks later and while the headache had subsided on the blood pressure
medication, the tingles in my feet were worse. He suggested a neurologist.
I saw Dr. Stuart four days later.
And down the rabbit hole we fell.

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